First Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Mesasages and Quotes

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Mesasages and Quotes

First wedding anniversary wishes for husband

First wedding anniversary wishes for husband 

ITS OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!! This whole year around the sun with you has been amazing and truly a blessing, Lord knows I would do it all over again! 
Marriage is such a beautiful thing and I am ecstatic to be sharing this life journey with you! Here’s to our 1st year and many many more to come! 

1st anniversary status for husband

HAPPY & BLESSED 1st WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to us❤🤵👰 Lord thank you for always reminding me of Your grace through my husband 🤵 You are always faithful😇☝️
May God continue to grant and keep our marriage strong in the coming years 😇💟
You are truly a blessing from God. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH😘 
Happy 1st wedding anniversary to me and my Macho….
My King👑,
My Companion,
My soulmate,
My confidante,
My prayer partner
My friend,
My womb shifter 😇😇
My prayer warrior
And my husband…
One year ago, you and I began a life time journey, and look how far God has blessed us💃💃💃
Thank you for choosing me, 
Thank you for loving me with my imperfections,
Thank you For always watching my back,
Thank you for making me the queen 👸of your kingdom.
 I will forever love and cherish what we share,
 I wish us a beautiful home filled with flames of love, wealth and all good marital fufilments…

1st anniversary status

Can y’all guess what today is ??! 🗣ITS OUR ANNIVERSARY! ANNIVERSARY! We both have came along ways… still have some ways to go but that’s my HusBAE! And we in this for the long haul! Happy 1st Anniversary to me and my HusBAE♥️ 
I took this weekend to REFLECT… Often times I read on social media THE PERFECT STORIES/PICTURES…however Our story is a little different… We have had along the way Good Bad and Indifferent❤️ Despite what May come It’s such a joy to wake up to know You are right here by my side. Today I say Thank you God for Allowing Us to Celebrate Our 1st. Anniversary! Baby I want you to know I LOVE YOU with all of me. I Celebrate US today! Thank you God for loving Us enough to join us together FOREVER. As long as we continue Trusting God having Faith, Hope and Love…Till death due us part, 
A year ago I married my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, cry with & love ❤️. God couldn’t have sent a better man to share this journey called life!!! Spending everyday with the person you love makes the journey worthwhile❤️
1sta anniversary status for husband 
We go together like sound and sight, black and white, day and night. We go together like left and right. Oh, we go together.
One year ago today I married the peanut butter to my jelly… best friend. I can’t hardly believe it’s been a WHOLE year! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! 🥂 cheers to love, happiness and consistency!  

Wedding anniversary wishes to husband

As today comes to a close, I can’t let it pass without reflecting on what the past 365 days have been and meant to me.❤️
you’ve taught me how to love deeply, forgive unconditionally, LIVE & LAUGH! 
First anniversary quotes for husband
The way you look into my eyes, shake your head when I do random things, hold & comfort me when I need to feel secure is truly breathtaking & exciting🤰🏾💓 We’re still learning, growing and falling deeper in love each and every day. 
I’m blessed to say our wedding jumpstarted the beginning of a marriage that has been able to withstand the first of many. Thank you for loving me and ALL of me❤️😘
🎶Yes, we’ve got something special,
Let’s hope, hold on and don’t let go
And I’ll never find another like you & this I know🎶
You are my sunshine , my only sunshine – you make me happy when skies are grey!!! you are truly the sunshine of my life and of this family. We don’t even remember what life was like without you. Thank you for choosing me! You’re so smart, spunky and def made of sugar and spice. You’re the sweetest thing on earth. Your little kisses melt my heart- every time even when you bite me. Your smile lights up the world and I hope you felt all the love on your birthday. We love you dearly – we made it!!!

First anniversary quotes for husband

Hy baby, Happy 1st wedding anniversary sexy, I want us to keep growing together, never settling, and always remembering the special love we have for each other. 

First wedding anniversary wishes to husband

It’s been a year already???? 😯
In hundred lifetimes I’d choose you 
In a hundred worlds I’d find you.- 
And I’d say, “I do” 
For the rest of my life 
With all that I have, I do 
And I will 
When the sky is falling 
I promise you I’m all in 
No turning back 
Every day, every moment 
Every breath you take… 
I choose you….
Happy Anniversary, my love! 🍾🖤
🎵the kind you find when you don’t even look one🎵
I can’t believe this man has been in my life for a year now. It’s so funny how sometimes God puts people in your life at specific times and for reasons you can’t explain, but I’m sure glad he does. I love that goofy personality of yours and how you make me laugh till I cry all the time! Thank you for putting up with me and always supporting my crazy ideas. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. I love you so much! I’m excited to see what the future has in store for us! 

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