Heart Touching Happy Anniversary Quotes, Message and Wishes To Parents

Heart Touching Happy Anniversary Quotes, Message and Wishes To Parents

Happy anniversary message to parents

Happy Anniversary message to parents

Happy anniversary to our creators, our rubies. 40 years of love, laughter, adventures filled with lots of travel, understanding, sacrifice, commitment, and choosing each other every single day. 

Hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories spent together. Here’s to 40 more years together filled with only and only love and happiness. 

We love you and are truly blessed to have you as our parents. Happy Anniversary mom and dad

Dear mom and dad… I wish you a happy anniversary day… Much many happy returns of the day 💗you both have passed 20 years of togetherness with each😘. 

I wish you both will pass your upcoming years with each other full of happiness and joy as the days before you have passed 😍you are the best couple for me.

Your unconditional love for each other will never change. You both are made forever😘. Happy Anniversary mom and dad❤

Happy Anniversary message for parents

To the best mum and dad in the world, I wish you a very happy anniversary. I’m very glad that you stayed strong in your love and overcame your obstacles together. All that I am today is because of the two of you… God truly blessed me, because He gave me two wonderful people I can call mum and dad. Thank you for all that you both have done for me and our little family. Your love for all of us is indescribable… May you both be blessed with good health and long life so that you will spend many more years in love and happiness. we love you both so much, mum and dad…Thank you for always being great grandparents to our kids.🥂 

Happy Anniversary Dad & Mom❤️. Dad & Mom… Thank you for being an example of a good marriage. I know that neither of you is perfect, but your marriage has been a great example because you were able to make it work despite each other’s faults, & with God at the center, you guys have been able to make it through!! Thank you both for everything & for the sacrifices you both have made for all of us😘. Lord knows how much I miss you both, I love you both so much I’m forever grateful for all you have done for us. Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad😘 We Love You Both

Two teenagers… worlds apart… had no idea as to why they were attending college in a small town – far from both of their homes. To this day, they both truly believe God’s sole intent at that time in their lives was for them to meet. Wishing my Mom and Dad a beautiful 45th Wedding Anniversary. I am so proud of and thankful for both of you. We love you to the moon and back.♥️

Happy Anniversary messages for parents

I want to wish the two most important people in my life a happy anniversary… 50 years and still going strong… They give me hope that real love still exists, they have an unbreakable bond and they know what it takes to make a marriage work. I’m so blessed to have them in my life…..I love you, mom and dad💖.

To the best parents in the whole world of all the parents in the world, We have been blessed by the best! You both have always been the example all lovers need and have supported us in every way. We have been blessed beyond all measures to have such wonderful parents in our life. The true Love we see in you both fills us with joy. May your anniversary be as bright and beautiful as the two of you. Thank you for leading our family well.

Happy Anniversary mom and dad

❤️”Happy Wedding Anniversary”❤️

to My Parents Today!!!! May the Lord Continue to “BLESS YOU Both”… with Good Health, with Lots of Happiness, with Peace and Prosperity and with a BeautiFuL GOD CENTERED Life Together!!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH and am BLESSED (Beyond Belief in this day and age in which we live) to be able to say that My Parents are Still Standing Strong and Pressing On 

…”SiDE BY SiDE”!!!!”

It seems like I was born under a lucky star💫💫because I have such great parents😇. You’ve overcome many life difficulties together👫 and despite it, your love ❤and respect for each other became only stronger💞. It’s a real wonder and I’m happy to witness it.☺

“Today is a very special day 🌹🌹for people I love more than life 😘😘– it’s your wedding anniversary, mom and dad. Happy 30 years of togetherness😍 You’ve already spent a lot of wonderful years together 👫 and now I want to wish you to spend even more years enjoying each other and bringing joy to everyone around!😘😘 I love you so much, mom and dad. 

Happy anniversary quotes parents

Happy Anniversary quotes to mom and dad

Happy to my beautiful parents, Everyone doesn’t have the pleasure to grow up in a two-parent home, but I was blessed enough to have that story. I witnessed my parents go through ups and downs, good Times bad Times and stick it out. No matter what they never gave up on each other; love was always covered. They are truly an amazing example of what marriage is and what it should be! I love you both so much ❤️❤️

I’ve learned so much about love, patience, forgiveness, and perseverance from these 2 very special people, my Mom, and Dad. I often look back and get new clear flashbacks of your care, support, love, protection. I am blessed that God gives me such beautiful parents. I’ve truly been blessed, my sisters and me, and today I wish you a very Happy Anniversary!!

To my Hard working mother & Father that would give everything to their children and don’t mind without at times!! But for me all I want is Their Love❤& for God to bless them with good Health &Strength to see many more years to come🙏… On this day your guys are celebrating the day that you’ve become one👫💍… Happy Anniversary to you Mom&Dad… Whenever this day comes😇, we cannot help but reminisce and feel grateful for all that you have survived as husband and wife together👫🙏💯‼ I know that it has not been easy over the years, but it’s also a testament that true love survives‼❤😍.

May every year that passes bring you closer to one another💑Stay happy😄 and in love💏 guys…I wouldn’t have asked for better parents because I’ve already gotten the Best Mom&Dad ever❤ love you guys so much! And I Appreciate you both every day that goes by♥‼

Happy Anniversary quotes to mom n dad

Wishing my awesome parents a very Happy & Blessed Anniversary❤️try blessed by them and grateful to our Lord above for blessing me with parents who continue to show me how wonderful marriage is amidst all the challenges we may face..it’s all about growth, development, unconditional love, and most importantly, faith and trust in our Lord above..life is blessed all because of our Lord❤️

Today my parents celebrate 40 years of marriage!!! In our microwave society, I can say I know that I value the wisdom, knowledge, stillness, the triumphs, the failures, the “for betters or for worse” moments that I witness with my parents. And when it all trickles down to it, no matter how you view it, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the main recipe for a transcendental love like there’s. I thank God for this example. I thank God for them. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PARENTAL UNIT! 

You are the parents that all kids hope to have, you are the couple that all lovers hope to be and you both are the pillars of support that every family wishes it had. 

We are soo blessed!  : Our parents have been married for 30 years today‼🎉🎉 Wow! 💗 Through the highs & lows, they are proof that Marriage. Can Work❣. No matter what they go through they stand on God’s word! every day they set the example and we CHOOSE to follow it! 💯. We Love y’all for LIFE! 😘 

Happy Anniversary mom and dad from daughter

50 years today!! Happy Anniversary to my parents!! I love you both beyond words!! I’m so thankful for the influence you’ve had in my life and my children’s lives!! You’ve taught us all how to love through the good and bad times, to stay strong in our Faith, and put family first! Your strength and courage during the most challenging of times is a testimony of your love for each other, but an even greater testimony of God’s never-ending love for us!! 

Wishing you a wonderful day in the mountains!! Happy anniversary mom and dad😍

Today is my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary💕 God could not have blessed me with a better Mom and Dad and upbringing, they have always been my greatest role models to this day🙏🏽. I’m so thankful they are happy and healthy and able to enjoy their retirement years together creating special memories with our family and their friends.  

Today is a VERY SPECIAL DAY it’s our parent’s wedding anniversary. Mom and Dad, we LOVE you both so very much and we hope you have a wonderful and fantastic day. This is what true love looks like. Happy anniversary… We love you both so much

Happy Anniversary Quotes Parents

Happy Anniversary to my adorable parents 🤗😘, wish you guys lots of happiness, love, and togetherness♥️. Your love is an inspiration to us. May God bless you both with good health always♥️… Happy Anniversary both of you.

Wedding Anniversary Alert!!! Happy wedding anniversary to my spiritual parent Daddy and Mummy, being a part of your family has not only given me a favored and graceful living but a life filled with Christ alert boldness.

I celebrate with you both today couple who brings gladness, joy, happiness, love, and laughter to many. 

Happy 15th Anniversary Mommy and Daddy! Thank you for all the things, the sacrifices, the gifts, the support, and all the love that you have given to us thank you Mom and Dad, and have a great anniversary! 

We Love You♥️

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