Deepest Happy 10th Marriage Anniversary Wishes, Quotes and Messages

Deepest Happy 10th Marriage Anniversary Wishes, Quotes and Messages

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Happy love anniversary wishes

This date on the calendar and this date by my side are my absolute favorites! Love him with all my heart! Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary To Us♥ 

Happy love anniversary wishes

My Love, today is our 10th Anniversary and I can’t be more happy than married to you. Our anniversary today might not have the thump of loud music, the colorfulness of pinata, or the grandeur of fireworks but it has the grandeur of our endless love, the colorfulness of our sweet memories, and thumps of our hearts beating for each other…now and forever… No matter how old we get, I will not love you any less than I do today

Happy Anniversary to my husband

Thank you, God, for today, as we celebrate the 10th Year of our marriage. I know that we owe you much Dear Lord cause we never had imagined where this marriage is without You. We sailed through the Stormy Seas and had a bumpy ride all along but You never forsake us still our Captain, Our Foundation, and our backbone from the first day till today, we give you back the Honour and the Glory. It’s been said that love makes you gain a few extra pounds, but that does not matter, You have been amazing during all this years as a Dad to our children, a Grand Pap to baby, my lover, my soulmate, my inspiration, my Strength and my LIFE. Thank you for loving me for who I am and for being always there for me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, to become a good wife, a good mother. I didn’t ever want our marriage to be quoted as an example of the Perfect Couple, rather let it be the coolest adventure ride that two people have ever taken. Please keep my heart, cause I always love you Honey. I always do.

Happy Anniversary to husband quotes

Today marks ten years married to my soulmate and best friend. I took a chance and risked it all for true and utter happiness. But God blessed me with so much more! Best decision I’ve ever made.♥️

Looking into my husband’s eyes is a constant reminder of love, laughter, comfort, attention, passion, weakness, security, and a constant source of encouragement/moral support. He’s my gentleman, my king, my security, he is whom my heart desires! (Lucky🍀) He has taught me to love and care for a man. I value every moment spent with him and try to capture it all📸; as life is better with him in it. We aren’t wasting any time. And he makes sure every bad day, becomes a good day! He’s a fantastic man! My life is the greatest because of this man I get to call my husband! Honeymooners forever😍…

Celebrating 10 years of marriage with my guy today! We’ve always found a reason to smile. Happy anniversary darling

Happy 10th anniversary wishes

Ten years ago today my life changed forever and I married the most beautiful, selfless, caring, genuine, kind-hearted, fun-loving woman I could ever imagine! Happy Anniversary My love! Can’t believe we’ve been married for ten years already, it has been such an amazing adventure with you, I feel so blessed that to marry a goof like me, haha, but I’m so glad she did! Ten years down, can’t wait for the countless years and adventures to come ahead of us, 😦 Ten wonderful years, with endless ones to come! Love you soo much My Love… Happy Anniversary Darling

10 years married to this beauty with one beautiful daughter of a gem and another son/daughter to follow. Happy Anniversary baby

Happy anniversary message for husband from wife

10 years ago I met the love of my life. He loves me for me, without reservation or hesitation, and he supports my every move and decision. I can’t imagine my life without him. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our anniversary than by welcoming a new life into the world… Happy Anniversary Babe❤

I made a little something for the man I haven’t stopped falling in love with. Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary my love, ENJOY! You are still the cheese to my macaroni, the cherry to my sundae, the frosting to my cupcake, And you float my boat! I love you to infinity and beyond and till the numbers end! 😊😍😇

“Sharing the good times – bearing the hard times, Trusting in love to show us the way. Laughing and living, trusting, forgiving, Together forever – side by side, Day by day” 💖🙏. Happy Anniversary Love

This past week has had me all over the place, with a host of mixed emotions. We started with celebrating another year of love Happy Anniversary Babe❤ then another year of life.❤️ We never know when our time here is up, so make sure you show your loved ones how much you care.❤️ Happy Anniversary Boo

Happy 10th wedding anniversary 

Today we have 10 years since we met babe… No more novel babe, Just thanks to our God for HIS love upon us…And I’m sure we will spend more and more years to come…I love you babe…❤❤ Happy Anniversary 2 Us

10 years strong with this beautiful woman and I wouldn’t want to spend the next 10 years without her. I love you and on this anniversary let’s start again with day one babe😁. Happy Anniversary Babe

Happy anniversary to my favorite guy! The one who makes me whole and always finds ways to brighten my day. Thank you for choosing to love me even when I’m unlovable and making Wednesdays my favorite night of the week!  Love you babe!

Happy 10th anniversary quotes 

10 years and still sunny… Thank you for being so loving and calm while I am trying to figure it out! Happy anniversary darling

Happy 10th Anniversary to my partner in life, best friend, my everything. I Love you to the moon and back. Looking forward to continuing our journey together.

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