10th Anniversary Deep Love Message, Quotes and Wishes

10th Anniversary Deep Love Message, Quotes and Wishes

10 years wedding anniversary

10 years Wedding Anniversary 

It’s our Anniversary! Wow…10years! Soo many things I could say but I am grateful for the journey! God knew what we both needed. No one else was (is) assigned to carry & cover me as this man has. Our love has matured and grown stronger over the years. Even though process we have endured & evolved. To God be all the Glory for an ordained covenant. I wouldn’t trade my life with this man! My love, thank you for your commitment, covering, character, consistency, challenges, compassion, and care. My life is so full with you. Happy Anniversary to you my love. I love you immensely! 😍💋❤💕 Let’s keep enjoying the journey! Happy 10th Anniversary

🎉🎉10 years ago, I was so blessed to marry the love of my life! With the help of the Lord, we’ve created a beautiful family and a wonderful life together. We’ve stayed true to our vows and mere words cannot adequately express the thankfulness of my heart. Happy 10th Anniversary to my Sweetheart, my Best Friend, my Queen! Happy 10th Anniversary ❤❤❤

10 years together… Sharing the good times… bearing the hard times… trusting in love, laughing, living, trusting, forgiving, together, forever side by side and day by day… till death do us part… Happy 10th Anniversary

10 years marriage anniversary images

Wedding Anniversary quotes for husband

I appreciate you because of the road we have traveled, I thank you for making things easier when life gets hard, I love you for the strength you give me. Happy 10th anniversary!

I Give Honour to God our Father for His love! Because of His love, we too can ❤️ 

To my Bestie

My lover

My friend 

You’re the answer to my prayer😍

There’s no place I’d rather be 

than right here with thee

Happy 10th Anniversary♥️

God has been faithful and I see it each passing year with you by my side. Thank you for all you do and all you are. 10 years and counting… I love you!!😘 Happy 10th Anniversary

10 years Anniversary message

To my favorite human. Love of my life. My homie. My “primary investor”. My ride or die, girl. My everything. Happy 10 anniversary. I’ll always love you  

Love this man more than I can say! No, it hasn’t been perfect, no it hasn’t been easy but I thank God for allowing us to make it these 10 years of marriage. Through the good and the bad, he has loved me. Can’t wait to celebrate all week. Today is our day baby! 😍


I am more than thankful for my hubby. He is always there. Have we had the perfect relationship no but he gets me And he loves me and all my crazy And trust me he puts up with a lot. I don’t have a lot of friends but when it comes to someone always being there for me it’s him and not anyone else. He knows how screwed up my mind is just by looking in my eyes. The one that worries about my day in and day out. Throughout every day he will text or call and ask me how my brain is. I love you honey and thank you for always being there for me.

All because two people fell in love ❤ 10 years ago I couldn’t wait to walk down that aisle and see what the future held for us. I still feel giddy and excited about doing life with you every day.  Thank you for loving me the way you do. You always put our family first and I am blessed to call you my husband! Love you so much

10 years marriage anniversary images

Happy Blessed Anniversary to the love of my life. We’ve been together for 10 years. I’m so happy that you are my husband, I know that God Created you Just for me. You are my best friend, and my biggest cheerleader and supporter. You push me to Do Better, Be Better, and follow my dreams and you are a great husband and Father. You work so hard to make sure Our family is Good and well taken care of and I and these children of ours just Adore you. You are our Hero❤. I want to continue to Grow Old with you… I love you to the moon and Back and forever Baby… Happy Blessed Anniversary to us Both May God continue to bless our Union❤❤😘 

10 years of togetherness and still counting

When you asked me to be your wife on this day 10 years ago, I said Yes, and will say Yes again. 10 years and many more decades to go off forever. The key to my heart you are my everything. Yes, our journey has obstacles as with anything in life, but with God, we have overcome so much. Happy Anniversary and many more forever.

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It’s Here, It’s Here!!!! I’ve been waiting to post about our vow renewal until we received our pics and let me tell you…🔥We would like to take a moment to thank all those that helped make our day as Beautiful and Amazing as it was!

To start, we thank You, Jesus, for blessing our day from beginning to end. You are Faithful.❤️🙌🏽 Thank you of Love! You all are truly a blessing! 

Happy 10 years to my sweet hubby. I thank God for giving you to me as His gift and I’m glad that we pushed through every storm of married and family life. I love you more now than ever before! I look forward to celebrating the rest of my life with you with our cute wonderful blessings from God! Let us continue to have Jesus as our center because He is Love!

Happy 10th Anniversary to us

Do you know what today is? It’s our Anniversary! 10 years in. 100 more to go! I truly married my best friend! We get on each other’s nerves often. This is not a cakewalk but we make it work. I love you for who you are. For the man, you have become! Life is full of ups downs; ins and outs; twists and turns; bumps and bruises; but I wouldn’t want to do this thing called life with anyone else! For better or worse. In sickness and in health. For richer or poorer. Until death does us part! That’s that on that! Happy 10th Anniversary to us 🎉🍾

happy 10th wedding anniversary images

Thank you!! To this beautiful woman that has stood with me and rolled with me for 10 years!! Wowwwwww!! That’s a long time!! I thank you for being there every step of the way with me in this journey of life. You make me smile every single day, even when I don’t want to just with the power of your smile. I thank God for blessing me with you. Society would say that we couldn’t make it. Meeting and being married in 6 months, but what we knew then is the same thing that we know now. That what God has put together, let no man tear apart. So thank you, Honey, as we continue to build a legacy that will long outlast us, one that will be a blessing to our family for generations to come. Strap in and put your seat belt on…  Happy Anniversary. 

10 years ago, I married you-my best friend. I am still learning what love truly means. Beyond feelings, beyond expectations, beyond limits, we set based on perceptions. To live life’s ups & downs, happy times as well as the ones I’d rather not encounter-you have continued to grow in the Lord, loving me as Christ loved the church- you lay your life down for me & our girls all the time. You invest in our marriage. You invest in our family. You give of yourself continually. I’m more in love with you now than I could have dreamed 10 years ago when we said “I do”-thank you for doing life with me! Happy Anniversary my Love, I’m so grateful for you! Happy 10th Anniversary.

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